Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A new family member

Welcome Roxy! Another boxer always = another mess. We are in love with this lil girl but I tell you she is "my baby".

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Catch up blogging

Wow six months since my last post. Can we say I suck at blogging? Well, Luke finished the first grade. He loved Buddy League baseball. Greg helped coach his team while Aniston and I cheered from the stands. She loved the ballfield and boy did it get hot. Meanwhile, Summer flew by and I still don't know where it went. Luke was ready to go to the 2nd grade. They have really been getting on each other's nerves so I was ready for some peace and quiet also. Luke is a great big brother but like to aggravate lil sister every now and then.

Aniston recently got her hair trimmed and she is always into girlie stuff. She turned 3 years old. Wow, where has that time gone? She had a great little party with family and got wonderful gifts. She was so cute opening them. She would say, This for me?" I loved the innocense. She is still a momma's girl that is for sure. She is pretty sassy also! I sometimes love her spunk and am embarrassed by it others. She will start 3 year olf preschool in a couple weeks. She will go 3 1/2 days. I am excited because it is all she talks about. Poor teachers!

We are currently talking about me doing some part time work. I have mixed feeling about it. I look forward to adult interaction but not the worry about what we will do when the kids get sick. Also, I like being the one who takes care of everyone in the house. I know the right opportunity would be a good thing for me as well as the rest of the family. Funny how people like to weigh in on when you should go back to work.

Here are a few pics from the last six months!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random thoughts of being a mother......

This is a hard job, very hard some days. Although it is hard to explain, it is like having a "work" job outside the home. You have good days and bad days. I LOVE my job there is nothing else in the world that can compare to the hugs and kisses I get all through my working day. But, there are times that I long to watch a TV show alone. Actually, I would like a whole day to say in my PJ's and watch Lifetime Movie Network all day. These kids don't take away from my world- they are my world. Talking with other Moms I have come to understand that I am far from a perfect Mom but I hope one day they have great memories of us playing together and having fun. Aniston's schedule has been nuts lately, there is no schedule. At 1 am this morning we were dancing on my bed to songs on my phone. It was hysterical! At one point I thought if Greg walks in here he will think I have lost my mind!! Some would say it wouldn't be along trip. HaHa. As a child growing up my Mom wouldn't let me sit on the bed much less jump on it! Times are different, parenting is different.

After the fun was over around 2 this morning and I looked at Aniston as she was falling asleep I was sad. My mind drifted to the thought of having a 7 yr old asleep in another room who would be up in a few hours and off to 1st grade. My, time rolls by fast. I laid awake thinking of all the ways life has changed since being a Mom. There is a thing called mother's intutition. You sense when something is not right with your child, you feel there pain, you know you are needed. When Aniston was born and I had my hysterectomy it was bittersweet. I was thrilled to live a life without pain for the first time I could remember. I was happy to think I wouldn't have to think of the struggle of infertility and trials in getting pregnant. I also would never again face the pain of giving a new life growing inside of me up to heaven before we got to meet here on earth. I don't give thanks enough for this blessing of experiencing the journey of motherhood.

With every pregnancy before Aniston I have known I would have another child. That time I knew she would be our last chil. As I neared the end of that pregnancy I found myself feeling a bit like a kid anxious for what may be her last Christmas, at least for a very long time.

To me, the labor and delivery experience is so miraculous and wonderful and magical. It is like Christmas- double exciting when I had my first child on Christmas. There is the wonder and excitement of meeting your child face to face. It is like opening the most incredibly beautiful, wonderful,present ever.

There were so many reasons I was glad to move on from this child bearing stage of my life. And yet, now I wish I could do it again! That is until Aniston is brat tomorrow when she wakes up and I once again feel as though I should be wearing a name tag and an apron!

For friends that are waiting to be blessed through adoption or fostering, please send up a prayer for them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We have a 7 yr old!

Luke shares his birthday with Jesus and he is fine with that. He had his actual party a couple weeks ago at the Sports Training Center. He had about 12 little boys there to celebrate with him. We are so proud of Luke and his giving heart. He includes everyone and considers the feelings of others. He is like any other 7 yr old boy in that he gets wild and doesn't always mind. But, we simply could not have been blessed with a sweeter child. His birthday is always a little sad to me because he is growing up so quickly. He loves for me to tell him the story of how he was born on Christmas and showed up too early. I know one day he won't be interested in hearing all of this but for now his is and that's great! Happy birthday big guy we love you!

The Holidays

We had a wonderful Christmas. Once again we began our celebration at Big Cedar. The kids had a super fun time. That place is magic during the holidays. Actually, all the adults enjoyed themselves as well. Aniston got sick during the night on our last night there, so she was a little puny for all the celebrations. We celebrated with Greg's family on Christmas Eve. We celebrated with my parents on Christmas Day.

Luke is doing great in school. He is looking forward to baseball starting. Actually, he has (I think) decided to skip playing soccer. It is hard for a few weeks when it overlaps baseball games. And, 2 practices a week while still in school is hard as well. I think the biggest reason is that he can't participate in a school sponsored basketball in the Fall. He is also wanting to play Flag Football and maybe Fall Baseball. At some point they have to decide. We are fine with his decision.

Aniston is potty trained. Well as of right now not totally #2 trained... but hopefully very very soon. Two days after Christmas she said she would use her potty and wear panties and she did. The previous two attempts at "potty camp" were ruthless. They left her and her Mommy very frustrated. She is talking so much more and learning new things everyday. She loves going to pick up Luke from school and see the kids when we visit. She has matured a whole lot in the last couple months.

Jemma- is big about 35 lbs right now and she continues to be wild and pupply like. She is great fun and the kids love her. We had snow last week and she loved playing in it with the kids. I am so glad we have her to brighten our days!

Luke turned 7 on Christmas and that is just unreal. Time sure does fly by and too quickly. Aniston was 2.5 on the 11th of Jan. They are lots of work and extremely frustrating at times. But I could not image life without either of them!

Happy 2011 everyone!

Monday, October 25, 2010


This little Boston Terrier/??? Mix walked into our lives a short time ago but has already won our hearts. She is known around here affectionately as "big dumb dog" by Greg and I. She jumps on the slide then goes down it. She brings something wonderful to my broken heart. There is nothing like puppy breath. If she keeps going we wont be able to pick her up the next time I post. She is 10 lbs and doubled her weight in 2 weeks. She is also expensive but aren't they all. Adopting a pet has been awesome and I wouldn't change a thing about it! Instead of us taking care of her I think it is the other way around. We love her.

A catch up in "The House of Potts"

Thanks for the emails wondering if I am alive... I AM.

I am so way far behind blogging so I will give a quick catch up.

Luke is doing wonderfully in 1st Grade. We LOVE LOVE LOVE his teacher. You know, a teacher is so important in these early years.. they teach morals, values, addition, subtraction, reading. All the things our kids need to survive. It is such a comfort to know that he has a super teacher to look out after these things while I am away from him. We had parent/teacher conferences last week and he had all A's. Not sure his sister will fare the same academically!

He is about to finish up the Fall soccer season. This year is the same as years before... we are ready for it to be finished about the time it does! Ready to not have to be somewhere every Saturday morning. Can I just brag here a minute about Luke? He has the biggest heart (most of the time) and is always making things for his Dad and I. He is always thinking of us while he is at school (or so he claims). He is the greatest big brother in the world. I realize how BIG he has gotten and how much he has matured. He will always be my taterbug:(

Aniston-- Well she is the same- beautiful as ever and talking more. YES- she still has a bad attitude and I worry we will follow her to juv hall one day. She is so strong willed and so so so.... RUDE most of the time. You have to make her say please and thank you. You have to beg for kisses most days! Aahh, but she has brought so much to our family and we are all in love with her (well maybe her cuteness). She is routinely spanking her babies and toys.I am saying these thing about her and I am her fav person so imagine how others feel:)

Me- I am volunteering some at school and loving it! I wish I could be there more but Aniston is so wild that some days I question why I do what I do.

Greg-- Busy with work and Deer Hunting so far no deer heads on my walls and that my friends....is a good thing.

Sad News-- I type this with tears rolling down my cheeks Rudy is now in Doggie Heaven chasing mail people and bitting their ankles. He has been gone over two weeks and for me the pain is as bad as it was when I found his lifeless body in the backyard. But, we are all moving on and it breaks my heart. There was a point in my life that he was my best friend. He was my dog and after 10 years it is hard to believe he is no longer with me. I will give "Jemma" her very own post- she is our new pound puppy. Well, she is really Luke's and he takes way better care of her than most 6 yr olds would. She has cost us a small fortune in a short time.

I will make a promise to update more in the future.